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Companies selling products: the same layer drainage, drainage systems stand-alone

Liantong PP-R (polypropylene) hot and cold water pipes in all Borealis pipe special raw materials, according to GB / T18742.2, GB / T18742.3 standards for manufacturing, but also can be customized according to user requirements). The product is connected using hot melt connection, the same material tube and pipe fittings to connect it as a whole, so as to prevent leakage; its performance has reached international standards and national standards.

1. Health, no chemical reaction, is a green building materials.
2. Easy installation and reliable: The homogeneous hot melt connection, a short time to complete a joint connection, easy to save installation time.
3. Energy-saving insulation: thermal conductivity of 0.24W / mK, only 1/200 of the metal tube, minimal heat loss for hot water pipes.
4. Light weight, high strength: the proportion is about one eighth of steel, high resistance to pressure test the strength, toughness, good impact resistance.
5. Product outer wall smooth, water resistance, low transmission fluid system energy consumption.
6. High heat resistance: long-term normal delivery of water use operating temperature of 70 ℃, short-term use of high temperature up to 95 ℃.
7. corrosion-resistant, non-scaling: scaling can avoid clogging pipes and basins, bath-like macular rust.
8. Long life: the normal life of up to 50 years.

Product Applications
1. Hot and cold water piping system within the building, including central heating systems.
2. Direct drinking pure water supply system.
3. Central (central) air conditioning system.
4. The transfer or discharge of chemical media and other industrial uses.
5. The building's heating system, including flooring, siding, heating and radiant heating systems.

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