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Domestic PP Pipe Compound recent market trends
Tight supply, support the current PP tube material PP pipe materials market last week, the market continued to maintain a steady trend, the market tight supply, pipe material traders offer slightly higher, ordinary copolymer material market continued high offer, but the deal has not been much improvement.

North China market less supply, traders tentatively raise its offer, closing slightly improved. Yanshan 8101 price rose 50 to 13,800 yuan / ton. 4220 hot material prices continue to remain at 14,200 yuan / ton, some traders to reflect the Yanshan 4220 qualified for less than 13,900 yuan offer / ton, may have some impact on the market. Copolymer material K8303 market price at 13,800 yuan / ton. Pipe coming off-season, resulting in the rapid decline of demand for raw materials.
PP pipe material East market offer a slight increase. General stock market cold water feed, the price is relatively strong, cold imported materials offer 14,000 yuan / ton, Yanshan 8101 quoted in 14100-14150 yuan / ton. Smooth hot material price, market price at 14,500 yuan / ton, the current market for imported material to digest, not much market supply, traders optimistic.

South China market prices basically stable, individual market offer a slight reported high 50 yuan / ton, scarce supply, the atmosphere can still be traded.

Crude oil continued fluctuated much information to bring to market, thus affecting the supply and demand market is still dominated. According to market screenings, petrochemical plant production is not normal, prompting continued domestic pipe material shortages, and this phenomenon will continue for some time; the recent instability in the supply of imported pipe material, is expected to be in the next batch of cargo to Hong Kong next month. Therefore, in the case of demand not improved much, the tube material, mostly short-term bullish, cold water feed and general copolymer material is particularly evident. YPC line B is now producing C180, is expected to alleviate the current situation may be cold material shortages for some time. Coupled with no significant improvement in downstream demand, while supporting the main market is still in short supply, leading to the current weak market upward.
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