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Basics of drainage pipe and basic common sense to buy
Interior design issues to consider many factors, large room of the overall renovation, small to every detail should be carefully considered. At present, home decoration to the construction of drainage pipes and random copolymer polypropylene pipes (PPR) dominated with a hard PVC (PVC-U). Consumers choose building drainage with a hard PVC (PVC-U) pipes and random copolymer polypropylene pipes (PPR) should note the following:

First, the pipe should have sufficient rigidity, especially drainage pipes, should not deform when pressed by hand pipe.

Second, observe the appearance of pipe, pipe should be smooth, flat, no bubbles, discoloration and other defects, uniform color, no impurities, uniform thickness.

Third, the first choice to perform national standard products, consumers in the purchase should observe whether the pipe is marked on the implementation of the national standard pipe, such as the implementation of the enterprise standard should attract attention.

Fourth, it should be noted water pipe pressure rating, attention to the selection meet the actual requirements of the pressure levels. Generally hot water pipes should be selected tube pipe S is 2.5 or less, which is the outer diameter of the pipe wall thickness should be 3.4mm above 20, the outside diameter of the pipe wall thickness of 25 or more should be 4.2mm.
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