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The type and performance analysis of water supply and drainage pipe
Piping arrangement in the process, often used in the drainage pipe and water pipe, a lot of these two types of pipe, due to the different requirements of the environment and use, so choose the pipe is different. Exactly what material selection, then they would conduct a comprehensive analysis and comparison, to determine which is most appropriate pipe, now briefly explain these two types of pipe.

An indoor drains

Rigid PVC PVC-U drainage pipes and flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe drainage pipe is more popular.

Second, the indoor water supply pipeline

1. Drinking water pipe: a type of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) for water pipes, water supply polyethylene PE pipe, random copolymer polypropylene PP-R pipe, cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe, water supply thin brass wall, water thin-walled stainless steel tube, steel (lined, plastic) composite pipe, etc. These pipes have advantages and disadvantages, but the overall performance is relatively good PE and PP-R pipe water supply pipe and thin-walled brass .

2. The domestic hot water pipes can be heat-resistant polyethylene pipe, heat PP-R pipe, thin-walled copper tube and thin-walled stainless steel tube.

3. Production, fire water pipes, as the pressure is not high (P≤1.0MPa), can be galvanized steel, such as high pressure (P> 1.0MPa), can not be steel.

Third, outdoor drainage pipe

1. Concrete Pipe: This is has been used dozens of pipe. Practice has proved that in the town, many shortcomings of this pipe, are: good sealing performance of the pipe, the interface is easy to water seepage, causing water leakage, causing pollution; poor shear resistance of the pipe, particularly large number of vehicles in the city, drains located on both sides of the road, a few years on the broken pipe, especially in the city on both sides of the main road is less than the depth of 1.0m, this phenomenon is widespread.

2. Rigid PVC double wall corrugated pipe: This is only the beginning of the 1990s the use of pipes, pipe corrosion resistance, sealing performance of the interface are good, simple construction, low cost, the mechanical properties of this pipe is not good, compression performance is generally used as a drainage pipe can only be used at the local branch piping, less vehicles.

3. buried sewage with a hard PVC pipe: is specially designed for underground sewerage pipes. Overall performance after polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe.

The double-wall corrugated polyethylene pipe: This is put into use in recent years, a new type of pipe. With good sealing performance, better compression performance, good corrosion resistance and other advantages, is currently focused on promoting the use of the pipe.

Fourth, the outdoor water pipe

1. reinforced concrete pipe: This pipe corrosion, more pungent, but the construction, installation inconvenience.

2. The gray cast iron pipe: This pipe corrosion resistance is good, but more brittle, not high pressure capability.

3. Pipe: There are two kinds of spiral seam steel and seamless pipe, tubing such high pressure capability, good mechanical properties of the pipe, Ye connection, construction, but poor corrosion resistance.

4. ductile iron water pipe: pipe strength and stiffness are good, good corrosion resistance pipe, pipe construction, installation difficulty is not large, but the price is higher.

5. rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) to pipe: Pipe lightweight, good construction, energy conservation, good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties of steel pipe, ductile iron pipe worse than tube shear, anti-sliding poor performance.

6. Who polyethylene (PE) pipes: a new environmentally friendly building materials, pipe anti-sliding, shear resistance, corrosion resistance are good. However, this high-pressure pipe impatience. This pipe has a fatal flaw: poor flame resistance and ease of aging.
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